Industrial Rotary Labeler

The Rotary Labeler is the most flexible of all labeling machines. It is capable of labeling round (including conical) bottles. Labels can be partial or full wrap, spot labels. This style of machine is meant to operate in an existing line.

Process :

The standard machine consists a conveyor. On pressing Run the conveyor starts, the products once on the conveyor will travel until they come in contact with the star wheel which places the product onto the rotating turret for labelling. Once products are labelled the feed off the machine through the out star wheel and onto the integrated conveyor or Collect in outlet tray collection.

Features :

  • Bottle Labeling – Partial / full wrap or spot labels - round or reverse tapered.
  • Chemical or Household products as in Window Cleaner or Automotive type products.
  • Output 60 / 120 / 200 / 300 per minute Depend on product size / Label Length.
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